Thursday, November 14, 2013

An update. Not the greatest.

A lot can happen in 3 years. 2 more babies. A dog. And Rejection. Peter started feeling ill in October. We thought it was a cold as the smallest children had been unwell. But it didn't shift. So he went to the GP who signed him off work, gave anti biotics and ordered rest. Third week of feeling unwell, and no improvement. So back to the GP who signed him off again and gave different antibiotics. But Peter also decided to get his tracrolimus levels checked, as he felt things were off kilter. They came back very high (usual range is 7-8, his levels were coming back as 15). As tracrolimus can affect kidney function we were concerned, and decided to get levels rechecked after the weekend. I became very worried after the weekend as I could hear his breathing wasn't right. He was struggling a bit. So called Harefield, and got him into clinic towards the end of week 3. A huge round of tests, and the general feeling was it was just a virus, but to be safe, they wanted to do an angiogram and biopsy. And also start new meds to lower his blood pressure, which has been high for a while. So he was admitted overnight onto the transplant ward. Angio went well with no issues found, so a biopsy was done. Peter was found to have grade 1 rejection. Which doesn't usually cause symptoms, but as he was unwell, they treated him with high dose of IV steroids. His O2 levels were also low, but no idea why. After a week in hospital he is now home and resting. This episode has reminded me of how precious time is. We know that life after transplant is never certain. There are complications that can arise at any time. We are now working towards getting Peter fitter, and hopefully back to work soon. ATM the side effects from all his new meds are making him feel awful, he is shaking all the time, and very tired. Life will return to some sense of normality soon.