Saturday, June 27, 2009


is normal.
Well normal for a busy family of six [eeek].

THis year we have been to Wales, and Skegness. Wales was wet, damp and grey lol. It took us ages t get there, and even longer to get back. Its not a journey I will be taking again whilst the kids are young (8hours in a car, with one crying to be fed every 30mins, one tantrumming cos its taking ages to get home, and one throwing up every 30miles was not fun, the other one was in grandmas car being good lol).

Skegness was good. But reminded us about a good suncream technique is needed. On the tuesday, we decided to go to the beach in the morning, and to be back in the shade at 12-ish. We put suncream on everyone. Peter slatered himself in the stuff. We went though over 2/3rds of a bottle on just one mornings application. Except Peter missed a patch on each leg above his ankle. So he had two burns on his legs. Very sore, very painful, and even now, 3 weeks on, they are a different colour to the rest of his legs.

Soph is growing. Slowly, but getting there. She has an allergy to cows milk, which we found out about 2 months ago, when I gave her ready brek and milk. We ended up in A+E, wieghing her to figure out an anti histine dosage for her. I thought soemthing wasnt quite right, as she is def more unsetttled than the other girls were, and is slow to gain weight (but has started to gain now i've cut cows milk out of my diet, and other dairy products). We are seeing a specialist this week to see about allergy testing, as i suspect she may have an egg allergy as well.