Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my sisters blog

12 hours...

my sister has started a blog about her husbands battle with leukemia. she knows how much blogging helped me when peter was ill, so has started writing. its well worth a read.

sorry for lack o puncuation, am feeding sophie

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Brother in Law is very ill

I cant believe I'm writing this. 48 Hours in and I'm still shell shocked.

My sister, Lisa, sent her husband to the GP last weekend as he has been unwell for a while, lost a little bit of weight and had a dicky tum. She thought he may be suffering from something like Coealics and a blood test was done on wednesday morning. Wednesday evening they had a call from the hospital; telling Darren his white cell count was very high and he needed to make an emergency GP appointment in the morning. 20 mins later the hospital callled back and told him to get in now! Apparently the nurse had never seen a cell count so high, his was 382!

He was put in a side room, and doctors starting talking about blood, bone marrow etc.

Thursday morning, he ws told, whilst my sister wasnt there, that he has Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. A bone marrow aspiration was taken thurs afternoon, and they should get the results in a few weeks to see how far it has progressed, but the general feeling is that this has been brewing for around a year.

He has been started on Chemo already, but due to bed shortages, he still isnt on the correct ward.

His leukemia is a bit of a rare one, and atm doesnt have a cure as such, but they can hopefully get him into remission and keep him there for many years.

Its all come as a bit of a shock as Darren is the last person you;d expect to have cancer. I know that sounds daft, as cancer is no holds barr, it can affect anyone, but he is a fot healthy young man, who loves the gym and takes care of himself. When my sister called and said he was in hospital i thought he may have fallen downstairs and broke his leg, i didnt expect this. No-one did.

Friday, March 13, 2009