Thursday, November 19, 2009

Breathe Easy Girls

Its been an eventful last few weeks here.

The morning after bonfire night, Sophie woke up with severe breathing problems. I had her in my bed with me, as she had been coughing and snotty. Around 5am, I noticed her breathing was a little 'off' and her temperature was getting higher. I took her downstairs to get some calpol and her little chest was working so hard. She was having retractions around her neck and chest. So got peter to dial 999 whilsty i threw together some clothes and a bag.
Soph was very pale and lethargic and clammy, which is definatly NOT like soph, who is well, quite vocal.
Her SATs were 91, and i cant remember her resps/reps.
We were blue-lighted to a+e, and gave her a neb in the ambulance.By the time we arrived at the hospital her breathing was better, but she was actually wheezing quite noisly. By 10am, her breathing was a lot better and even normal. So we went home with an inhaler and spacer.

By 3pm, I noticed she was going downhill again, but the inhalers were working.

By 6pm, i wanted her back in hospital so called my dad to take us in. BIG MISTAKE. what shuld have been a 10minute journey turned into almost an hour due to traffic. I gave soph more salbutamol in the car, and we finally got into a+e after 7pm (after standing behind some parents who were discussing how to get their child seen quicker by saying they thought he had swine flu, though they didnt really think that [hmm])

A+E decided that they wanted to monitor a bit more, so put us in the waiting room for 40mins. By which point Soph was starting to struggle again.

After dosing her with Atrovent and Salbutamol and gettinmg her breathing under control for the second time that day, we were finally allowed out after midnight.

After a 10days on both inhalers Soph is feeling much better.

So thats 4 out of 4 girls asthma/asthma like symptoms.