Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yesterday, Today and all the tomorrows...

Yesterday was day of giving thanks, and remembering Peters donor and their family, who changed our lives forever. Their gift has been amazing and everyday, i look at my family and think how different things could be. Peter might not be here, Sophie wouldnt be here. It would be me and our three oldest daughters just muddling through and asking ourselves why the call never came.

But it came. And it was wonderful. Our lives were turned upside down, and in a good way for once. The happiness of everyone and the releif was tremendous. People were, still are, so so happy for us. I likened it at the time, as very similar to haviong a new baby, as everyone was congratulating us, and asking for news.

Somebody on wrote a wonderful little poem, about Peters Pink ears, as I was amazed at how the colour started to glow under his skin, right to the tips of his ears.

I know I’ve never met you,
And maybe never will
But I have read your story
And really got a thrill

To know your wait was over
A heart, for you, was found
And like Mumsnetters everywhere
I cheered and jumped around!!!

I check your progress everyday
Share Sarah’s joy and tears
But the news that really made me smile
Was that you had pink ears!!!

Today, we had a normal day. I took the girls to the library, we had dinner as a family, with Peters parents here, and Soph throwing her carrots on the floor. We had cake. Peter watched the football (his team lost, not a happy man).

Tonmorrow, we will take it as another day. If the sunshiones, then we will head out, maybe to the lakes. If it rains, then maybe we'll go to my sisters. But we will have fun regardless.

And now for some lovely photos. Rather a lot of them in fact.

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Marion said...

How lovely to see your update and all the photographs. Your girls are beautiful and it is so good to see Peter looking so well.
I got quite a thrill to see my poem on your blog. It's about the closest I've ever got to having anything published so - Thank You !!
Very best wishes to you all,
love Christie