Monday, August 10, 2009


This has been an eventful month so far, and its only just begun.

After many years of Peter being ill, and me being his main carer, we have decided that now its coming up 2years post transplant, and Peter is almost back to perfect physcial health, we should be looking for work. So last week, i saw some jobs advertised on the Ocado website. Peter attended an open day on monday last week. He was completly honest with them regarding his past health problems and heart transplant. They have asked for a docs note to decv;are him fit to work, and if thats ok, the Peter has a job!!

Me however, i dont. I didnt even get an interview boo-hiss!!!

And on a down note, Baby Sophie's allergy test results are back. She is allergic to Milk, eggs and peanuts. boo!!!

Everyone is fine, Serena starts school soon along with the older two, and i can focus on Soph and finding childcare that works with Soph's allergies, for when i do finally get a job.

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