Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another part of pre-transplant life left behind.

For 4 years, we, as a family, have been living in a disabled adapted bungalow. It was great, meant Peter could access all parts of the family home easily, and could partake in a normal family life as much as possible.

Last weekend, we moved to a 3 bedroom house nearby. A place with [gasp] STAIRS!!! The girls are finding it a novelty to say the least, and i had forgotton how much floorboards can creak. When the girls come downstairs in the morning its like a herd of elephants trampling down all at once.

We have a touch more space here, its not mansion size by any comparisons, but its normal. We no longer needed the bungalow so decided to give it up for another family that did. 3 bedroom bungalows are a rarity to say the least.