Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Once more, our lives have been taken over with hospital appointments

Dont worry, nothing serious and not to do with Peter, for once.

Two and a half weeks ago, Serena, our youngest daughter, had a small accident involving her fingers and a door. Seeing her poor fingers mangled was, for me, worse than seeing Peter's LVAD for the first time.

So on the 31st August, we spent 4hours approx in A and E having her hand x-rayed and bandaged. The following day, Laurens 6th birthday, I spent with Serena in another hospital waiting for her to have surgery on her fingers. She had two broken fingers, which were treated as open fractures, due to the ongoing bleeding, and her nails had to be removed under GA, false nails put in to act as splints, and repairs to the nail beds. Three days later was back in A and E as she had started to bleed through the dressings after falling over.

We went back last Monday for a check-up, and her fingers were quite bruised still. So she was bandaged again until yesterday. She has now had all her bandages removed, and her hand is looking a lot better than it was. The false nails will drop off within the next 4 weeks or so, and new nails will grow in, but this can take around 6months. We have to go back to see the plastic surgery team in 2months to check everything is healing nicely and growing back the way it should.