Friday, August 15, 2008

One year On

Today is one year since Peters heart transplant.

Instead of tossing and turing for 5hours whilst waiting to hear if he was out of theatre, i slept last night. Admittingly I was woken early by Serena demanding shreddies, but the night was normal and non-eventful.

Today, instead of driving to harefield, I will be packing. We are leaving our disabled adapted bungalow to move to a normal house next month.

Today, I may even sleep in the afternoon.

Things have changed so much in the last year. Nothing in our lives is extra-ordinary, we don't go around savngs lives of others, or performing miracles. But life is normal. That is one thing that was out of reach for so long in our lives. Normality is a wonderful thing. It gives the girls a chance to play without worry, to see their friends, attend parties they are invited to, they go to school sometimes Daddy collects them, sometimes it is me.

A year ago none of the above was possible. We couldnt be sponteous, we couldnt go out if it was raining in case the LVAD got wet, A long day out meant taking extra batteries and peters power pack. Overnight trips were impossible. In the last year we have been to the essex coast a few times, We have taken the girls to Butlins for their first proper family holiday in years, for Serena it was her first real holiday with Peter there. Peter has come with me into London for my own hospital appointments navigating the tube system like any normal person. Imagine doing that with an LVAD! We have been to the zoo and the farm. Been having picnics and normal days out.

I hope Peters donor family can take comfort in the fact that they have given us a normal life back. A life that will be lived to the full, it may not be amazing by most peoples standards in what we do, but to us its amazingly normal and we are loving every minute. The small things we do in our daily lives which were impossible before and like little miracles.

Every day I wake up and check Peter is still there beside me. To see his sleeping there is just brilliant. We had to sleep apart for many years, with him either in hospital or in his special bed down the hallway. At night the bungalow is silent. No LVAD ticking away loudly reverberating down the hall. If i listen closely I may be able to hear the girls gentle snoring, but that is it.

Our lives are no longer dominated by machines. Peter is wire free, machine free and doing brilliantly.

Thank you for our normal lives, we are loving every moment.