Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Nephew is on the NHS at 60 years old website

NHS 60 years old

If you scroll through the pictures until you come to a picture of a lad in wheelchair with a purple cast right up his leg, thats him!

He has cerebal palsy (spastic diaplegia), and recently had an opertation on his leg to release the muscles so his foot can finally go flat on the ground. He has never been able to put his foot flat on the floor, even with leg splints and botox treatment. Now he can. They are discussing operating on his other leg at some point as well. He is very smart kid (on the gifted and talented register at school), and totally amazes me with his computer wizardry. He is now coming upto his final year at primary school, and is due to star secondry in 2009, and has got into a very good school, which is also disabled/wheelchair friendly, so my sister (the lady in the picture with the baby) is very happy with how he deals with everything.

Its a great picture as well.

And that is baby Callum in the picture as well. I blogged about his very early arriveal back in sept 2007, well as you can see, he is just blossoming perfectly. He is such a cutie-pie!