Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm so sorry for neglecting you darling blog...

What can i say? life is hectic :)

Peter is now 6months post transplant and had his MOT recently. He seems to be progressing well, and should be starting cardiac rehab soon. He took a fall over half term whilst we were at the zoo with the children, and badly bruised his leg. Its quite scarey seeing a 6 foot tall man take a tumble, he had such a long way to go to hit the ground.

Serena is now 3years old. She had a lovely birthday, learnt to ride her mini-micro scooter, and is learning how to ride a bike.

Nicole celebrated her 8th birthday at the weekend. I took her and her friend Summer to see the film 'Penelope' which was pretty good for a childs film. It wasnt mind-numbly boring, and i didnt fall asleep. In fact I think I was more entranced than the girls were. OOps! Then we met Peter and the younger two girls for a late lunch at Frankie and Benny's.

I did take part in the Hearts first jog. sadly I am noty anywhere near my target yet, so wont be posting any pictures yet. to donate then go to www.justgiving.com/sarahwilliams4