Monday, February 04, 2008

Update on the weight loss.

Just so you know i havent slunk off an eaten the whole contents of the kids selection boxes...

I have so far lost 1stone. It is going slower than I expected BUT we did ofcourse have Peters first Christmas post-transplant in the middle of it all so far, and many meals out with family and friends in the run up to xmas, and i just couldnt say no the double choc chip, extra choc swirl, flake and sauce ice creams on offer (ok an exagaration there lol), but i did manage to eat my way through many mince pies. Especially the lovely delux ones santa got left on xmas, and he didnt manage to eat them all so i had to help out...

I am back on track, and last month, lost 7.5lb so coupled with the 3 charity fun runs i have offered myself up for (like a lamb to slaughter) it shouldnt be so slow getting rid of another 3stone by october.

I have been a major exercise avoider for many years. Since I left school and discovered the delights of socialising and drinking mmmmmm nothing beats a cold pint in the pub garden in the summer. Anyway, i had forgotton how good exercise can be, the lovely rush of endorphins afterwards. I am sorely tempted to dig my skates out of the cupboard and race the kids to school when they are on their scooters. But i think i would embaress them if i try that now. I am loving running, but find i run better by myself with my own thoughts for company, plus ican swear under my breath without people who know me being shocked at my foul language as i swear myself forward and swear at my 'personal trainer' Rob on the ipod. Ok , iadmit it, I do swear too much in real life, but not around the kids. Back to running, i am trying to do a different route each night, to give myself a bit of variation. But tonight I have to fit it inbetween dropping Nicole off at brownies and picking her up two hours later. which is a bit of a pain as it means its a bit later that i like to run, and thyere are [gasp] people about who may see me. I;m not the worlds best runner, and am still very slow, but at least I am out there doing it this year and not just talking about it or thinking about it as i have been doing the last few years.

I will do an update on Peter soon, but currently he is in good shape with no problems to report. :)

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