Sunday, February 10, 2008

Its Half Term Holiday

It feels far too early for the children to be off school already, they were only there for 4weeks and 4days. But they are off, and we are busy planning a jam packed holiday for them, without leaving the area.

Peter is doing really well. His bloods and biopsies have been good with little or no rejection present at any time. He is out and about more often, and, this is a big AND, he has his driving liscence back. I can forsee there being loads of arguements between myself and him about who is going to drive places, so maybe i should get myself my own car. heh. But we cant really afford to run two cars, so i will just give in and let him drive. maybe.

The girls had their parent teacher meetings last week. And it was a joy to hear how well and settled they both are now. Nicole has reallyu blossomed in class and is now known as 'The Giggler'. She has gone from being very serious and easily upset into a real character. Lauren has settled in well, is steaming ahead through phonics, writing and maths, but is a bit of a perfectionist about her work. No idea where she gets that from...

Serena is still at home with us, but is starting Nursery in Sept. I dont think she can wait, lol.

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steve said...

You do not know me but came accross your video on youtube. Congats on your heart heart. I had a heart transplant in May.Although my wait was not as long or was I in the hospital. I can related to your emotions and now life after transplant. Continue to hang in there!