Thursday, November 27, 2008

I've become a baby bore

But just look at her, she is soooooo cute. So can you blame me for being a baby bore?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well, our newest princess arrived on thursday 13th november, 7.07am, 9lb 2.5oz, born at home with daddy and midwives presents, and big sisters waiting in the next room to meet her. Was the most relax birth i have had, and would recommend home births to anyone.

I look at her, and think, without Peters donor, she wouldnt be here. She is a little miracle, and has the girls besotted with her. She has gorgeous chubby cheeks, a red tint to her hair, and the cutest nose. She has a chin dimple like my mum, a cows lick hairline like Nicole, big hands like Lauren, and cries like Serena. She loves to be held, hates sleeping inher carrycot or moses basket, so sleeps with me.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another part of pre-transplant life left behind.

For 4 years, we, as a family, have been living in a disabled adapted bungalow. It was great, meant Peter could access all parts of the family home easily, and could partake in a normal family life as much as possible.

Last weekend, we moved to a 3 bedroom house nearby. A place with [gasp] STAIRS!!! The girls are finding it a novelty to say the least, and i had forgotton how much floorboards can creak. When the girls come downstairs in the morning its like a herd of elephants trampling down all at once.

We have a touch more space here, its not mansion size by any comparisons, but its normal. We no longer needed the bungalow so decided to give it up for another family that did. 3 bedroom bungalows are a rarity to say the least.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Once more, our lives have been taken over with hospital appointments

Dont worry, nothing serious and not to do with Peter, for once.

Two and a half weeks ago, Serena, our youngest daughter, had a small accident involving her fingers and a door. Seeing her poor fingers mangled was, for me, worse than seeing Peter's LVAD for the first time.

So on the 31st August, we spent 4hours approx in A and E having her hand x-rayed and bandaged. The following day, Laurens 6th birthday, I spent with Serena in another hospital waiting for her to have surgery on her fingers. She had two broken fingers, which were treated as open fractures, due to the ongoing bleeding, and her nails had to be removed under GA, false nails put in to act as splints, and repairs to the nail beds. Three days later was back in A and E as she had started to bleed through the dressings after falling over.

We went back last Monday for a check-up, and her fingers were quite bruised still. So she was bandaged again until yesterday. She has now had all her bandages removed, and her hand is looking a lot better than it was. The false nails will drop off within the next 4 weeks or so, and new nails will grow in, but this can take around 6months. We have to go back to see the plastic surgery team in 2months to check everything is healing nicely and growing back the way it should.

Friday, August 15, 2008

One year On

Today is one year since Peters heart transplant.

Instead of tossing and turing for 5hours whilst waiting to hear if he was out of theatre, i slept last night. Admittingly I was woken early by Serena demanding shreddies, but the night was normal and non-eventful.

Today, instead of driving to harefield, I will be packing. We are leaving our disabled adapted bungalow to move to a normal house next month.

Today, I may even sleep in the afternoon.

Things have changed so much in the last year. Nothing in our lives is extra-ordinary, we don't go around savngs lives of others, or performing miracles. But life is normal. That is one thing that was out of reach for so long in our lives. Normality is a wonderful thing. It gives the girls a chance to play without worry, to see their friends, attend parties they are invited to, they go to school sometimes Daddy collects them, sometimes it is me.

A year ago none of the above was possible. We couldnt be sponteous, we couldnt go out if it was raining in case the LVAD got wet, A long day out meant taking extra batteries and peters power pack. Overnight trips were impossible. In the last year we have been to the essex coast a few times, We have taken the girls to Butlins for their first proper family holiday in years, for Serena it was her first real holiday with Peter there. Peter has come with me into London for my own hospital appointments navigating the tube system like any normal person. Imagine doing that with an LVAD! We have been to the zoo and the farm. Been having picnics and normal days out.

I hope Peters donor family can take comfort in the fact that they have given us a normal life back. A life that will be lived to the full, it may not be amazing by most peoples standards in what we do, but to us its amazingly normal and we are loving every minute. The small things we do in our daily lives which were impossible before and like little miracles.

Every day I wake up and check Peter is still there beside me. To see his sleeping there is just brilliant. We had to sleep apart for many years, with him either in hospital or in his special bed down the hallway. At night the bungalow is silent. No LVAD ticking away loudly reverberating down the hall. If i listen closely I may be able to hear the girls gentle snoring, but that is it.

Our lives are no longer dominated by machines. Peter is wire free, machine free and doing brilliantly.

Thank you for our normal lives, we are loving every moment.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Nephew is on the NHS at 60 years old website

NHS 60 years old

If you scroll through the pictures until you come to a picture of a lad in wheelchair with a purple cast right up his leg, thats him!

He has cerebal palsy (spastic diaplegia), and recently had an opertation on his leg to release the muscles so his foot can finally go flat on the ground. He has never been able to put his foot flat on the floor, even with leg splints and botox treatment. Now he can. They are discussing operating on his other leg at some point as well. He is very smart kid (on the gifted and talented register at school), and totally amazes me with his computer wizardry. He is now coming upto his final year at primary school, and is due to star secondry in 2009, and has got into a very good school, which is also disabled/wheelchair friendly, so my sister (the lady in the picture with the baby) is very happy with how he deals with everything.

Its a great picture as well.

And that is baby Callum in the picture as well. I blogged about his very early arriveal back in sept 2007, well as you can see, he is just blossoming perfectly. He is such a cutie-pie!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Ok, i have been rather rather bad at blogging, but with good reason.

I spent some time last week at St Thomas' Evelina hospital having a special scan done.

But Evelina is a chidlrens hospital, right?


But it also is one of the best fetal medical centres for heart issues.

Caught on yet?


I am now coming up for 18 weeks pregnant with child #4.

Its been very hard and draining getting to this point, I have suffered a lot of morning (haha, all day more like) sickness, dizziness and migraines.

But the scan last week was very good and very reassuring.

The baby's heart chambers all look good, everything appears to be th right size, arteries etc all looking good. Overall, my consulant there is very happy, and I have to o back in 6 weeks just for a check for things like holes etc.

So thats why i havent been blogging much.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm so sorry for neglecting you darling blog...

What can i say? life is hectic :)

Peter is now 6months post transplant and had his MOT recently. He seems to be progressing well, and should be starting cardiac rehab soon. He took a fall over half term whilst we were at the zoo with the children, and badly bruised his leg. Its quite scarey seeing a 6 foot tall man take a tumble, he had such a long way to go to hit the ground.

Serena is now 3years old. She had a lovely birthday, learnt to ride her mini-micro scooter, and is learning how to ride a bike.

Nicole celebrated her 8th birthday at the weekend. I took her and her friend Summer to see the film 'Penelope' which was pretty good for a childs film. It wasnt mind-numbly boring, and i didnt fall asleep. In fact I think I was more entranced than the girls were. OOps! Then we met Peter and the younger two girls for a late lunch at Frankie and Benny's.

I did take part in the Hearts first jog. sadly I am noty anywhere near my target yet, so wont be posting any pictures yet. to donate then go to

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Its Half Term Holiday

It feels far too early for the children to be off school already, they were only there for 4weeks and 4days. But they are off, and we are busy planning a jam packed holiday for them, without leaving the area.

Peter is doing really well. His bloods and biopsies have been good with little or no rejection present at any time. He is out and about more often, and, this is a big AND, he has his driving liscence back. I can forsee there being loads of arguements between myself and him about who is going to drive places, so maybe i should get myself my own car. heh. But we cant really afford to run two cars, so i will just give in and let him drive. maybe.

The girls had their parent teacher meetings last week. And it was a joy to hear how well and settled they both are now. Nicole has reallyu blossomed in class and is now known as 'The Giggler'. She has gone from being very serious and easily upset into a real character. Lauren has settled in well, is steaming ahead through phonics, writing and maths, but is a bit of a perfectionist about her work. No idea where she gets that from...

Serena is still at home with us, but is starting Nursery in Sept. I dont think she can wait, lol.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Update on the weight loss.

Just so you know i havent slunk off an eaten the whole contents of the kids selection boxes...

I have so far lost 1stone. It is going slower than I expected BUT we did ofcourse have Peters first Christmas post-transplant in the middle of it all so far, and many meals out with family and friends in the run up to xmas, and i just couldnt say no the double choc chip, extra choc swirl, flake and sauce ice creams on offer (ok an exagaration there lol), but i did manage to eat my way through many mince pies. Especially the lovely delux ones santa got left on xmas, and he didnt manage to eat them all so i had to help out...

I am back on track, and last month, lost 7.5lb so coupled with the 3 charity fun runs i have offered myself up for (like a lamb to slaughter) it shouldnt be so slow getting rid of another 3stone by october.

I have been a major exercise avoider for many years. Since I left school and discovered the delights of socialising and drinking mmmmmm nothing beats a cold pint in the pub garden in the summer. Anyway, i had forgotton how good exercise can be, the lovely rush of endorphins afterwards. I am sorely tempted to dig my skates out of the cupboard and race the kids to school when they are on their scooters. But i think i would embaress them if i try that now. I am loving running, but find i run better by myself with my own thoughts for company, plus ican swear under my breath without people who know me being shocked at my foul language as i swear myself forward and swear at my 'personal trainer' Rob on the ipod. Ok , iadmit it, I do swear too much in real life, but not around the kids. Back to running, i am trying to do a different route each night, to give myself a bit of variation. But tonight I have to fit it inbetween dropping Nicole off at brownies and picking her up two hours later. which is a bit of a pain as it means its a bit later that i like to run, and thyere are [gasp] people about who may see me. I;m not the worlds best runner, and am still very slow, but at least I am out there doing it this year and not just talking about it or thinking about it as i have been doing the last few years.

I will do an update on Peter soon, but currently he is in good shape with no problems to report. :)

Thursday, January 31, 2008

2 Miles? are you sure? Blimey

yesterday i went out for a run. well more of a walk/run/walkrun and so on, for 30mins. Afterwards i went to and it turns out i covered 2miles. i am gobsmacked and well chuffed.

Tomorrow is Aquafit and a run, if i have enough energy.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Run, Fat Girl, Run

I may have done something very very stupid. Iam only week 2 into a 9week training progamme to run 5k. But somehow, last night, I signed up for 'Hearts First Jog' at Knebworth House on the 24th Feb. [cold sweat] I am not going to push myself to run 5k by this date, but will carry on training and hopefully do a lot better than i currently am running.

Basically, my new years resolutions centre around my own health and wellbeing. As well as finishing the bathroom lol. So I have also said I will run at this years Race for Life and Harefield Fun Run.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Late Happy new Year

Christmas passed us by with no major incidents, no rushing to hospital, no worries at all.

we got a wii! so have been playing boxing, tennis, bowling etc.

New year also passed by normally with nothing major happening.

And now we are mid-way through january, and aside from it being very wet and cold, life is still good.

but roll on spring please! There is so much to do in the garden this year. :)