Saturday, November 24, 2007

More Angels.

Sadly, the young man i posted about on Thursday passed away after surgey (not transplant). I also learnt of another liver patient who passed away recently. To the young mans family, and the other young angels families I extend my love and prayers.

Sometimes, it hits me hard, that no matter how hard you campaiegn, talk about organ donation, and just pray, not everyone will be saved and given a new chance of life. I know how lucky we have been, to have this new life, and we are embracing as many moments as possible, and starting each day with a 'wow, it really happened'.

Its been 4 months now, and I still ask 'Are you sure you're ok doing that?' when Peter helps out at home. He collected the girls from school the other week by himself, walking as DVLA still havent reissued his liscence (he had to hand it over when he had the ICD fitted). He cooked their tea as well. I was driving back to harefield to give his 24hour holter monitor back.

I never thought that a 'normal' life could be so wonderful and amazing. It still feels like there are sunbeams all around us.

Just so glad that we have this chance. Because Peter was almost an angel too many times.


Tis me.... said...

He looks great! Absolutely great!

So sorry to hear of the others that didn't make it.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, i've been reading the thread on with great sadness, please can you say i'm very sorry to hear of her friends, husbands death. I'm actually sat here typing with tears in my eyes. Just hope i get tx before things get any worse!
Also Peter is looking really well, i've been follow your story since i saw it on the live life then give life website on myspace.

Shirley xXx