Thursday, November 01, 2007

A family holiday? surely not!!

Oh yes!

last thursday night, we decided to go away for the weekend. Just us. (and the girls of course). No extra equipment, no wheelchair, no wires, leads, bottles etc etc. Just packed suitcases, buggy and went on Friday.

We went to Clacton, to my families caravan. Fully heated of course(because it was bloomin freezing at night). We spent saturday at the pier, taking the girls on rides, playing silly games, and eating out. We spent the evenings in the clubhouse, watching the kids playing silly games (the eldest two rock at the limbo lol, they have an unfair advantage as are hyperflexiable), and having a drink together. the girls played on the site, and we went swimming!

Life is slowly becoming more and more normal.

tomorrow, myself and peter are off to the cinema. To see 'SAW IV'. I want to take a cushion to hide behind, do you think they will let me?


BabyLongLegs said...

So good to see you having family glad you had a great holiday :)
Seaside resorts are just the best!!! We went to Blackpool this time last year, and it was one of the best family holdays....
Sarah xXx

moreena said...

That's awesome.

By the way, that miniature ferris wheel ride? Exactly (exactly!) Annika's fave ride at our local fair the past two years running. Good things are all around us.

misdee said...

yes, that mini ferris wheel is a big hit with the girls. Serena is too little for it so we have to go on with her. Its actually makes you feel quite quesey. I hated it lol. Fortunatly i had the camera so no pics of me looking green!

Sarah said...

I don't care for the Saw movies. I saw the first one, and will not see any of the rest. Jason, on the other hand, loves them!

Glad to hear things are becoming more normal for you guys! What a wonderful thing!