Friday, November 16, 2007

big catch up

sorry sorry sorry

Ok. Little Sis Lisa, is out of hospital .she scared the shite out of us by getting really ill, reacting to every anti biotic they gave her, and finally having her gall bladder removed, as well as over a dozen stones, about 2 weeks ago. She is doing ok and slowly getting back on her feet. She amazingly managed to keep her breastmilk going for her little baby girl by expressing and is now getting her daughter back to breastfeeding.

Peter is doing well, but has toothache. and due to the fact he was in hospital for so long our old dentist has kicked us off their list, and we are now in the process of trying to find peter a dentist ASAP and having to pay for private dental treatment. which he isnt happy about doing, but tbh if it stops him going on about toothache i will gladly pay lol. (i have never had toothache, fillings etc so apparently i cant know how bad it is).

Little Callum came home after less than two weeks in SCBU. But he is having weight gain issues and only reached his birth weight from 6 weeks ago last week. He is dropping off the charts. So he needs some 'get fat quick' vibes from everyone. He is totally gorgeous and big eyed little boy. He makes me very broody, as does jasmine, but I think after having three girls, 3x9months of Hyperemesis Gravidarium, which puts me into hospital on drips, I can pretty much say, no way to baby #4. lol.

I have been learning how to face paint, much to my girls delight. Its good fun, and allows me to paint without yelling 'where my paint book/sketch pad' as i can do paint doodles and working out things on my hands, arms and knees lol.

Diet is going well, slowly getting there. i have also started aquafit classes which Peter finds funny as the receipt says 'Over 55's Ladies aquafit' He says either I look older, or I have been lying about my age ;) lol.

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