Thursday, November 22, 2007

Another Superman. This time its Oli's turn

I have been beaming since I read Emilys blog yesterday about Oli. He had a double lung transplant earlier this week after being on the list 2.5 years. Seems like a lot of 'long timers' on the list are finally getting their new chance of list (hello other Peter).

But as i learnt of Oli's good news, I was on reading about a ladies friends husband on there who has just been listed for an emergency liver transplant.

So if you have ever thought of organ donation, and still havent gotton round to registering then please do, you can do it online, on the phone 0845 60 60 400, or by post if you pick up a leaflet at most GP's surgeries.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, do you have a direct link to the person you where on about, who's husband has just been listed for a emergency liver transplant. I did have a look on mums net but didn't know where to look, i Got your link of emily's blog as i have cf too and am on the liver transplant list aswell.


misdee said...

no i dont shirly. it was listed on health section. its a lady on mumsnet, her friends husband. she was asking for advice, i think she was a bit shell shocked.