Thursday, October 18, 2007

See that new little widgety thing down the side bar there>>>

Well ,that is keeping me very motivated now. There is no need to worry that any amount is too small, every penny helps.

I have now lost 6lbs. i had a bit of an all-out-week last week, involving film previews, and 3 meals out. oops. I also killed me back on thursday last week, and couldnt exercise. But still lost 2lb.

Yesterday, my new fancy bike trailer arrived. Its for Serena to ride in on the way to school. Nicole and Lauren pelt down the school on their scooters, and I'm usually about 100m behind them yelling 'slow down!' Today I kept up all the way, and managed to cycle all the way back up a very small slope. with no pushing allowed. My thighs hurt already, its been so so long since I've riden a bike, but it was great fun and very invigorating. Serena loved the trailer, but wasnt so keen on her cycle helmet. I hadnt been able to find one for me, as i have a big head (oi, no laughing lol), but managed to get one today in tesco. Finally. so this afternoon I will be fully kitted up to do it all over again.

Hopefully will get my half-stone on wednesday next week.

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