Friday, September 28, 2007

Updating takes so long.

sorry about lack of updates, loads been going on, will tell you why at the end of this update ;)

Right, as Bev has commented on, the valganciclovir, well yes its very very expensive (60 tablets cost over £1000). Our GP has perscribed it, but has said he will have to go to the PCT about funding for peters medications. The fact is, that his cocktail of drugs to keep him alive are expensive, and not soemthing that apparently comes out of standard budget. So they have to request that they can get funding for them. In the end, its a load of red tape, they wont stop the medication, as they cant do that, and we will get the pills, wether its from GP or the hospital. So thats a small minor headache and generally not thinking about it, except for going 'How much?! really? bloody hell!' lol.

Peters biopsy went ok, no more now for a fortnight, just twie weekly trips to harefield for bloods and clinic.

And why have i been slack at updating?

well, as on a post made last week, I have a new neice called Jasmine. But on tuesday, arriving at 33weeks, 7 weeks early, callum came into the world. Callum is my new teeny tiny nephew, who mum is my big sister Maria. Callum is brother to Connor, Beth and Megan, son to Jason. He is not actually a bad size for a 33weeker, weighing in at 4lb 8oz. He isnt in an incubater, is in a heated cot only, no breathing assistance needed, and agpar scores of 8 +9 (i think). My sister has said i can post the montage here as well, so have a peek.


The Life of a Paed Heart Transplant Recipient said...

Glad that your GP is on the ball with this. We are lucky too - ours got on to our PCT straight away and the funding was secured. It's amazing at how many parents still have to pick the drugs up from the hospital because their PCT isn't very helpful.

We used to think that Lucy's cardiac drugs were expensive, but these new drugs .... well the costs of them, are let's say amazing! At the end of the day, as you rightly say, they have to have them and they will receive them.

Congratulations on the new addition Auntie Sarah! He looks gorgeous (and no I'm not broody).

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We're off to Brighton to look at the VW Campervans as it's Brighton Breeze tomorrow - Lucy wants us to get one.

Bev xx

Emmie said...

Awwww he is beautiful Sarah! Congratulations on becoming an Auntie twice over in such a short space of time! Love to you, Peter and the girls xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter & Sarah,

Glad your home at last. I bet your glad you've got rid of the Vac pump and its farty noises.

hope to bump into you @ clinic some time

Peter (the other one with the VAD)