Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pink Peter is Home!

Oh yes! four weeks and 4days after transplant and He has come home. i cant belive it. He really is superman.

He came home last night, and we had a lovely normal family meal together, watched a film together, and went to sleep in the same bed together. i slept all night for the first time in months, and woke up feeling a lot better. The niggling stressy headache which has pained me for months has gone. I feel lighter, and life feels good.

There is still a lot of things to be sorted out, daily runs to harefield for the time being to check his tacrolimus levels, and he does still have the VAC pump attached. But life is vaguely normal now. He has been in the garden with the girls, helped them play hide and seek, slept in a normal bed. He is not yet completely wire free, and I know when that happens it will be a major major change. There are no machines support his lovely new heart, it is doing the work all on its own now.

Its truly amazing, and I keep pinching myself as it doesnt seem real.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
that is the BEST !!! news, i am really pleased for you all. Its nerve racking when they get back we were all worried about James when he first came out and he is coming on fine. I really am so so pleased for you, it has been such a long road. You all take love sallyx

Emmie said...

This is the BEST blog post I have ever read in all the time you've been writing! Dream-come-true stuff. So happy for you all. hugs to you, Peter and the girls. You're all stars for never giving up and I'm so happy it's all worked out so amazingly well xxxxx

The Life of a Paed Heart Transplant Recipient said...

Absolutely fantastic news Sarah - Welcome Home Peter. I am so pleased for you all.

Bev xx

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic thing has happened. So pleased for you all. live life to the full.

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Sarah said...


I am so happy for all of you!