Wednesday, August 15, 2007

today has been bloody mad, sad, amazing, cool, terrific, crazy, i just cant describe it really.

And all because a very generous family gave Peter the best gift of all last night. The transplant went ahead at around 1am i think. I have lost track of times and days. My wonderful lovely cheeky funny husband is going to be ok. As he went through the doors to theatre, the transplant co-ordinator said 'I'll see you tomrorow in ICU' and he replied 'Well I won't see you' funny till the end my love.

I have been to see him today, and it wasn't 'that bad'. The last time he was there was for the LVAD recovery, and that was so so scary. He does have a small 'balloon pump' which is helping his blood flow, but its nothing like the LVAD. he is on assisted breathing only, and atm the heart is a little 'stiff' so they are given him adraline and something else to get it working well. He still hasnt pinked up, and has an infection. He may be on kidney dialysis tomorrow, which is comman after transplant and only temporary in most cases.

All in all, my bionic man, well he may not be part man part machine anymore, but he is bloody fantastic!

and just for you readers, this is the song Peter has been singing a lot over the last 2 and half years.


britmummybites said...

Sorry for the subtle nag to update. Now get your butt of to bed and tell M that she needs to as well, or at least put her feet up.

Don't let that nasty person from the other board get you down. You deserve that holiday!!

lynnuk said...

I am sooooooo pleased for you all. It must be so amazing to think of the new lifes you all have ahead of you.

The music brought tears to my eyes, tears of joy. A speedy recovery to Peter. x x

Pewari Naan said...


The best news EVER!

Have blogged about it here:

Hope you don't mind :)

Lots of love to all you of you.

aidensmummy said...

I am so pleased for both you and peter that he has finally received his new heart! Brought tears to my eyes this morning reading all this and just had to leave a message for you, at last he can finally do all the things with the girls and you of course that he could only dream about.
Just puts everything into perspective for me and wish you both all the best.

Sue (pramoholics_unite) x

Tinypoppet said...

Am SOOOOOOO pleased for you Sarah.....was in tears when I read it had gone ahead. Don't forget, it's a tricky path at first, there will be ups and downs, but Peter is such a fighter has already overcome the impossible....he can do this. Much love xxx

Tim said...

That's fantastic news! I am just so, so pleased for you and Peter - I hardly know what to say. Congratulations! I'm just so happy for you!

hannah said...

So happy about these news. My best wishes for a smooth and quick recovery.

Jessica said...

The miracle of life is astounding and a testament to how amazing life can be. Kudos to you and Peter for hanging in there for so long! Angels must've been moved to tears by your plight; I know I am! Love and slobbery smoochies to you! And happy recovery to your darling Peter! xOx