Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thank you, whoever you are

Yesterday morning, someone was greiving. but in their deepest grief, they gave my husband a chance of life. They gave us hope, and gave our children something to smile about again. I will probably never ever know these people, who donated their loved ones organs, or how many other lives they saved yesterday, but i know one thing, and that is I can never ever ever thank you enough for this. Organ donation is a wonderful gift to give, if only i could capture all the high emotions myself, my extended family, his extended family are going theough right nwo, to give you an idea of what this feels like, i would but its impossible, its also impossible to describe the sheer releif i am feeling now. there has been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, and the air is just thick with emotion. I keep breaking into manic grins and when i went to the shop earlier, i wanted to shout it from the rooftops, that my husband had been given the most amazing wonderful gift ever, a new life. but i didnt because they might think i was crazy. The world seems brighter somehow, i cant explain it, i really really cant, but life is better already.

thank you forever and a day, who ever you are.


Tinypoppet said...

Bless you thrilled for you all!! It really is a wonderful gift....much love xx

maria said...

Thank you whoever you are, you have given my sister, her husband and my nieces something that no amount of money could buy! Yesterday I was thinking I wonder who is happier, Sarah and family or the woman who won £35m on the lottery! I bet my last pound it was Sarah and Peter!!

You have no idea the impact this has had on the whole family, its amazing!!!

misdee said...

i am happier! i am in manic grin mode! £35m could not have bought this for us.

britmummybites said...

ok, have to admit i have a lump in my throat.
IT's no contest it's you and Peter.
And also thanks to the donor family for giving Peter and who knows who else a second life.

Laurie said...

You captured all of my emotions. And I know who the donor was for my son's liver transplant: my husband.

And you're right. The world does seem so much brighter, especially in the weeks following the new lease on life. It's been three and a half years since my baby's transplant, and life still shines a little brighter.

Best of wishes to you all, as you begin your new life.

Jessica said...


OMG, OMG, OMG!!! I'm sooo thrilled that this moment has arrived at last. Tim (my friend, who also checks your blog) just told me the wonderful news. WOW I'm estatic. Even though life has been a bit crazy for me lately, you and Peter are alawys in my prayers. I can't even imagine how estatic you are! The wait is over at last...and Sarah, you and your family deserve this happiness and so much more. I hear that heart transplant patients recover so quickly, so I'm expecting some pics of Peter with pink fingernails and toes some time soon! GOD BLESS YOU and *hugs* may God always watch over you!!! xOx

Christa said...

Your family, your extended family, and also strangers around the world are floating on air.

I keep grinning at people, and then suddenly choking up. DH came home from work and asked if there were any updates (to which I shrieked "He needs his GLASSES!!!").

Whoever the other family are, you have spread so much joy around the world in the midst of your grief. You are wonderful people.

Tis me.... said...

Oh sweetie!!!!!!!!!! I am amazed, happy, crying for you!!!! WOW, I'm just speechless. SOOOO happy for you!!!!!

Sarah said...

This is the best news I have heard in a while! This has brightened my day! Thank God for Peter's gift.

Prayers for the donor family. If only they knew what a gift they gave.

hannah said...

Love reading your news. What an amazing thing organ donation is.
My best wishes for Peter!

britmummybites said...

Really hope that you make another video, hopefully to coincide with national transplant week for next year.
Background music being your favioute song which tends to reduce everyone to tears.
Start of with a quick before transplant, showing clips off newspaper articles about needing a heart, then the next few months with Peter taking the girls to school and especially the Butlins holiday. Ending up with a little video of you reading the "thank you whoever you are" blog.
Sorry if it's out of place but it what's occured to me while i was dropping the girls off and had to share it.t

Tim said...

I'm just so thrilled for you and Peter, Sarah. It's just such a dream come true, words aren't enough to tell you how glad I am for you. Much, much love for the both of you - YOU MADE IT!

BreathinSteven said...

Hi Misdee!!!

My buddy Ted blogged about Peter's wait, and about you on Revive Hope in June...

We're so very happy for you -- You KNOW you're in our prayers... And you know that the precious family that saved Peter's life is as well... It's an incredible gift, Misdee, from a precious person and their family... And to know that, though they were experiencing incredible pain -- they stepped aside and chose to save the life of people they never knew -- they chose to save Peter... It's an act of pure goodness, and pure love. A family in a moment of darkness, chose to help another family from experiencing the same darkness.

You take care of Peter and his beautiful, new heart -- tell us what it sounds like thumping away in his chest!!!



Steve Ferkau
Chicago, IL USA