Friday, August 17, 2007

Still utterly amazed, and PINK is a wonderful colour for a man!

I think I have barely slept since this all happened. Have been at Harefield every morning. Ideally I would be staying relatives accomadation and be on site all the time, but feel I should be here in the mornings when the girls wake up and here to put them to bed, and try and keep them settled, afterall this is going to be a massive MASSIVE change for them as well when Daddy comes home. So am shooting up and down the M25 everyday for now, gives me a chance to sob a bit in wonder in the car whilst stuck in traffic, and also blare some good feel good tunes out. So if you see a scatty looking woman stuck on the m25 between watford and waltham cross, thats me lol.

Peter is doing, dare i say, amazingly well. His has pinked up really well, today his ears were pinker than yesterday and its like there is a glow beneath his skin. He feels warmer, and looks so good. I was watching his chest earlier in amazment, just seeing it move with each heartbeat, no mechanicial jolt which had been there for over two years. I had to feel his pulse, as he has had a false pulse for so long, and ooh it felt so so good. My superman is alive and well, and it feels wonderful. The balloon pump in his leg is gone now, and he had requested some food, an ommelette, yoghurt and build up shake. His mum says he couldnt manage the ommlette so had some chicken soup instead.

He has started to take his medication orally, is having a few troubles with some pills, particially his anti-rejection (MMF) pills as they are pretty BIG pills, so managed to take it in liquid form, any way it goes in is all good so not worried about liquid/pill meds realy.

He was pretty tired when i was there, so i left a little bit earlier than planned as he was falling asleep, and he needs his zzzz to get stronger, so left him with a kiss and a bye and 'see you tomorrow'

i will probably update later again over the weekend as there is so much emotion surrounding all this and i need to get it out somehow, and i have found writing this blog over the last 2 years so healing in some ways. its nice having somewhere i can put this all down and not have a notebook lying around waiting for one of the children to claim as theirs and scribble in lol.


Emmie said...

Sarah, I can't begin to tell you how happy we were at this end when you phoned me on Wednesday night!!! I hardly slept that night and when I did I kept dreaming that Peter was having his transplant. I can't take in just what this means for you all - indiviudally and as a family. How something can make such an instant transformation for someone in just a couple of days is nothing short of a miracle. I know there is still a long way to go, but peter has his heart. He has an amazing, strong, healthy new heart!!!

When I heard the operation was going ahead, all I could think of was "Donors and their families are just the most amazing people in the world" and they really are. On Wednesday night one family was devastated by loss and yet they still thought of helping someone else - someone they would never meet probably, but whose life they could save. In fact probably several peoples' lives. I hope that one day they will receive some comfort for knowing just what that decision they made has meant to you and other recipients and their families.

You are an amazing person Sarah...I know you don't believe it, but you are. You have kept Peter and your girls going long enough for this chance to happen. I hope now you will finally get a chance to bask in the happiness of a whole new future.

Please give my love to Peter and tell him we are all behind him!

Emma xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sarah said...

This is so wonderful!
Prayers for continued success!

Tis me.... said...

Still just amazed and teary each time I see a new post the last couple of days!

TC said...

Good luck and God bless!

bev.pearson said...

Really pleased to read this news Sarah. Glad that he is now PINK. That was a huge thing for me - seeing them pink after so long is such a novelty!

Lucy knows how Peter feels regarding the MMF. She had to learn quickly how to take that HUGE tablet because liquid meds make her sick and you can't cut it up either because it is cytotoxic.

I hope that you are finding some time for yourself during all of this. I know it is easier said than done. You've done amazingly well and are such an inspiration to many people - probably more than you realise!

Can't wait for the post to say that you've got him home.

All our love

Bev xx

Tinypoppet said...

Each time I read your blog now I go away beaming!! Keep it up both of you you are doing brilliantly! And this is just the beginning....the best is yet to come! xxx

Christa said...


hannah said...

So wonderful to hear Peter is getting better and stronger each day.
Best wishes,

lynnuk said...

So pleased that everything is going so well. Sending you all my best wishes. x x