Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Still not well.

Poor baby. ok i know she isnt a baby, but a very big 4year old, but she is really bad again today. she is getting pins and needles in her hands as well which is strange. Her temperature is back up as well. Neurofen seems ok with her, yesterday was the first time she had had it since being diagnosed as asthmatic earlier this year. And as some people know, with our girls, one day they can fine with soemthing, the next another allergy will appear. Its great fun. Not.


lynnuk said...

Bless her, she is my grandaughters age, so I know how miserable they can be when they don't feel well. Lets hope her medicine works soon.

crazy-avon-lady said...

AWWWWw where's that Lumpi Heffalump?!

Sarah said...

Poor sweetheart!