Monday, August 20, 2007

Lauren still burning up

I have started her on neurofen as well as paracetamol now which is a tad risky as she is asthmatic, so I am keeping a close eye on her to make sure she doesnt start wheezing or doing anything strange.

Now some of the best news all day. Peter is back on the WARD!!! YAY!! He is still on infection control, so cannot really take the girls in yet, but that is just a precaution really.

Obviously, looking at lauren this evening, i dont think I will be able to go in tomorrow. Her toe looks ok, so am guessing its a bug of some sort. she looks so sleepy on the sofa, but wants some custard for her tea, so best be off to feed her something as she isnt wanting much really.


Tinypoppet said...

On the ward already?! God this is superman we are talking about ;) Hope Lauren feels better soon xx

britmummybites said...

Bliming heck if it's not one thing it's another. In the sense that your over the biggest hurdle which is Peter getting the transplant and now Lauren is poorly and you got the family blood "issue" to content with. Plus kitting the kids out for school.(eek....still havent done my girls yet, sort of hoping that there old clothes will still fit- i'm skint) When all you want to do is be with Peter.
Yep Peter is superman and you are most definately super woman.:)
Here's hoping that Lauren temp goes down asap.

misdee said...

I did call him 'my superman' for a reason lol.

Lauren has responded well to the neurofen already, and is looking abit better.

Fortunatly, all I have left to do uniform wise is school shoes and plimsolls. and sewing what seems to be hundreds of name tapes in everything.

lynnuk said...

Its great news about Peter being back on the ward. Excellent news infact!!!!
Hope Lauren is better soon, I bet she can't wait to see her daddy
Take care

britmummybites said...

Good luck with school shoes, get in early before it gets too mad(also watch your bag as my purse got stolen in Clarks). Planning to hopefully do it myself on a wednesday/thursday (as soon as i know there's cash in my account) also need to get the girls haircut.

You more orgainise then me, i never get round to do the girls names. Tend to drive the school's mad but they are getting used to my scatness.

crazy-avon-lady said...

its all fantastic news. he is responding so well. at least on ward isn't visiting less restrictive?
Glad Lauren responding to ibruprofen and paracetomal. . i am under the impression that if she has had ibruprofen and not had an asthma attack linked to it. . . then she shouldnt in future. thats what doc said to me before about me!
hope you are managing to get some rest and looking after yourself too.
i have to "do shoes" too. . . . urghhh! it is the worst thing, epecially with my fussy boy lol
speak soon x