Monday, August 06, 2007

I've been wanting to update, but really there is nothing to update

Life is much the same as it was. Peter is still waiting, I am still waiting for him, the kids are still on school holidays, and each days passes much the same as the previous one does.

But is anyone knows why the M25 is busier between watford and maple cross right now, please let me know (i suspect it has something to do with the M1).


Sarah said...

Thinking of you!

Tinypoppet said...

You're an exclusive in the mirror. GO YOU! xx

Nicola said...


been thinking about you peter and the girls alot recently, cant find your number - i thought i had it in my phone :(

just been reading the updates, and am sending as many well wishes good vibes and whatever else so that you may get that call!!

hope the girls are well and enjoying the sun.

give us a bell if you wanna chat or want to get together

Nicola x (that crazy avon lady!!)

ps someone posted on my sales leader website about the donor transplant list.. .. hence me finding this! :D