Thursday, August 09, 2007

Its been a mad mad day!

First of all, hello Nicola, i will call you next week hopefully, hows the avon going ;)

Today, Peters story broke in the Daily Mirror. here and here. From 9am, before I;d even got my first cup of tea down my throat, the phone was ringing. ITV london, anglia and Five News all want to cover the story. They wanted to do it today, but it has to be monday at the earliest. I have been at Harefield today, without children, as was concerned yesterday that the youngest two monkeys were going down with Fifths diease (slapped cheek syndrome), due to rashes and high colouring yesterday. But today the rash has gone and no signs of illness, so am assuming they are fine and were just tired yesterday.

Peter was revelling in his new found fame again, and was very cheeky and full of beans (possibly jelly beans from the harry potter box of sweets a kindly lady deom the parenting group sent him). Despite the day being frantic with calls, it has been quite a laid back day so far.

Maybe the phone will ring tonight.


Tinypoppet said...

Glad Peter is enjoying his new found fame! Hoping the phone rings sweetie...xx

Tinypoppet said...

Thinking of you so much Sarah!! xxx

Emmie said...

Thinking of you soooooo much! Please let this be the one xxxx

Sarah said...

That is great that they are doing a story on Peter. I hope this helps for people to join the donor registry.

Continued prayers for Peter to receive his gift of life soon.