Sunday, August 26, 2007

I haven't caught any bugs yet

But the sudden change in weather did take me by surprise, and I was concerned I was getting a high temperature yesterday, untill I realised it was purely enviromental lol.

Peter is doing ok. His overnight feed did leak last night, so he woke up in a puddle, not at all pleasent. He says yesterday was a restful day. The Pacer has been removed but the pacing wires were still in place, not sure why, maybe as a precuation, or maybe they just forgot as lunch came round. His morphine has been stopped and is now on co-codamol. His feet are still puffy so is still on frusemide, and peeing greatly. Catheter is still in place, mainly due to frequency og peeing due to above diuretic.

I am hoping to see him tomorrow evening, for a light meal and trifle. I haven't been able to buy him a card, so tonight will try and get creative and make him one.

He doesn't know it yet, but he is also about to be hit by loads of cards sent by online people. hehe.

If you do want to send Peter anything, cards etc, then please feel welcome to contact me and I can pass on details. Please remember that flowers are not permitted on the ward.

many thanks for all those people checking on here for updates and on the various forums that myself and his parents use, you have all been a great support to us over the last few years, and it means a great deal that people are still thinking and praying for Peter during his recovery. Its like we are riding a wave of good thoughts, wishes, prayers and vibes.



Sarah said...

Hope you'll be able to visit. So glad to hear Peter is still well.

crazy-avon-lady said...

aww still an icky icky house that is no fun! and with the wet weather too.

hang in there, soon will all be germ free and freedom will return!

oooo get those creative juices flowing :D

hope you manage your romantic trifle banquet :D

chat soon x