Monday, August 20, 2007

I cant do a proper update today

Lauren isnt well. she woke up of a temperature of 38.4C, so she is calpoled up and we are playing a waiting game. She has been on anti biotics for an infected toe, and my gut feeling is it has something to do with that, but i just dont wanmt to risk it in case its something contagious.

Peter is making good steady progress. Still isnt eating much, but is drinking well. They are hoping to get him to the ward today, if there is a bed available. All drains are out, and he is looking so much more rosier than the picture in my previous posting.
Hopefully I can get some more information later on to type up. I hate being here and not being there. Its at times like this I wish I had a clone. I feel useless and like I am bailing out. So many times over the last two years I have had stay away from Peter due to things happening here, and its a right pain. I wish life could be easier, but I guess we will muddle through as we always do. I feel like I am just not doing enough, but am trying to hard to keep everyone happy and am pulling myself in two at times. My heart says go to him, my head says dont, if it isnt her toe then i could be incubating something myself and give to him. How long do i leave it? Is 24 hours enough, or do I wait 48hours? So so hard.


Tinypoppet said...

Sarah - when in doubt, phone the team, any of the nurses really...that's what they are there for. Thinking of you, he is doing AMAZINGLY well!! xxx

Sarah said...

I would bring her in, to ease your mind. It's hard to deal with an immune-suppressed family member when there are germs everywhere. I am a huge fan of Lysol disinfectant spray!