Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another good day. I think Peter read the intruction manual for this transplant

He is making good progress. Today when i saw him I was a little concerned as he looked a bit flushed, turned out he was fine and it was a normal skin tone returning oops! Its been so long seeing him pale it is taking a bit of getting used to to be honest. But totally amazing. He has had his final two drainss removed now, and slowly the other lines in are coming out as well. Feeding tube is still in, but that will be removed once he starts eating a good amount again.

They were hoping to get him back down to the ward today, but due to lack of beds and short staffing over the weekend, it wont be happening till monday or tuesday. It will be so nice to have him back on E ward, as visiting hours arent so restricted, and once Peter gives the nod, then I can take the girls in to see him. They have been missing him lots, and are so so excited that daddy has a new heart and is getting better. And Nicole is excited about getting her own bedroom (previously serenas nursery, then Peters room for the last year), so have been busy gathering ideas for the new bedrooms for the children, Serena and Lauren want a dragon/knights bedroom, and Nicole wants a girly bedroom. Obvuiously that is a long way off, so for now i can just move beds around get all the equipment shifted that has been here for so so long. we are hanging onto the perch stool for the bathroom, but the rest can probably go.

Life seems to have a rosy glow about it. It has been raining all day, but I dont seem to notice if i get wet. I stil lwant to tell everyone, I told my postie yesterday, much to his amusment as was grinning like a loon. I have been hugged by neighbours, smothered in kisses, had cards through the door, its like one massive celebration. I never thought it would have this effect on us all. I really didnt expect it at all. Its lovely, but heartbreaking as I know someone had to pass away for this to happen. I wish i could fine out mroe about them, but I guess we will never know. All we know is that they were fairly young, with a good strong heart. thats it.

But thank you once again.



hannah said...

So happy to read your good news.
Hope the rest of your family (Nan?) are o.k., too!
Best wishes for Peter.

sam378 said...

Hello. My name is Brian in Canada. I am Emilys Uncle.
I hope all goes well with Peter and we have been watching you from over here.
It is wonderfull to think that people are becoming aware of the need to donate spare parts they no longer need so that others can have a new life. We are slowly progressing here in Canada on the transplant field and because of Emily know how important this is.
Once again good luck to you all and best wishes to Peter. Uncle Canada.