Saturday, August 18, 2007

Amazing day

Despite being stressed to the eyeballs today has been lovely.

I have had several areas of stress in the last week apart from this and seems to be hitting today. My two sisters have both been diagnosed with a blood clotting disordered and have been started on clexane. Its genetic apparently, so I also need to get a blood test sorted out at some point. Trying not to think about it too much (needles, arrrgh, they cant get blood out of me and i am not having them try 7 times again). Also my Nan has had a heart attack this week, which is possibly linked to the blood clotting disorder my sisters have, so everyone is waiting on those results, if Nan has it, then all her children need to be tested, if any of those have it, then their children need to be checked, if they have it, then their great grandchildren need to be checked as well (and so on). Its all one big genetic mess really, and just at a point when i dont neeed to be thinking about it really. ah well, life goes on. Also my Nan has just tested positive for MRSA at the hospital she is at, so I cannot go and see her due to Peters delicate state and his open wounds. I am pretty thorough with the hand gels at hospitals, but its not a risk i would be willing to take.

Anyway, today. Peter is much more alert, a lot more pink and doing well. His swallow reflex is affected and is stil lstruggling a bit with pills, and now also has a nasal feeding tube down to help keep his strength up. He will see the SALT (speech and launguage therepist) early in the week to work on this and get him swallowing normally again. Thios also happened after the LVAD op, so not overly concerned at present.

He has had two chest drains removed, artirial line and a lot of stuff from his central line as well, so he is doing well. They are very pleased with his progress, and he has been moved from the isolation room to the ITU ward. One of nurses from the transplant unit popped in to see him as well. She said they would've put him back on the ward tomorrow, but the rooms on the 'square' are full, so hopefully he will be there on tuesday at the latest. fingers crossed.

I'm off to soak in the tub (too much information i know) and try and relax and not dream of needles tonight lol.


LucyKate Crafts said...

hi misdee, i am a mnetter!, just checking your blog and wanted to post to say firstly i'm so glad peter is doing so well, and so sorry to read about your nan, hope she gets better soon, all the best x.

kiffy said...

wonderfull news about peter.. even better news that hes doing so well.

sorry to hear about the ladies in the family, especially your gran.. my dad had an operation a couple of months ago and contracted mrtsa as well.. its a nsty thing, but easily treated and as week as he was made a ful lrecovery pretty quick.. im sure nan will be ok.

Em's way said...

Great update about Peter, fingers crossed hes moved on to the ward quickly !!

Sorry to hear about youyr nan, sending healing vibes xx

The Life of a Paed Heart Transplant Recipient said...

So pleased to read the news about Peter. He is doing sooo well.

Enjoy your soak and early night. Hope your dreams are better tonight!

Sorry to hear about your nan and your sisters. It's all added stress that you really don't need at the moment.

All our love

Bev xx

BillyBob said...

Sweet dreams. I'm so happy for you all. I'm still praying.

Tinypoppet said...

ooh if he sees Sally (SALT) tell her I say hello please and htat now I have my voice back I don't ever shut up ;) xxx