Friday, August 24, 2007

After 5 days of dosing up my kids, mopping up sick and trying to keep them happy

i think I have finally flipped out. lol. I ended up sobbing watching 'Oliver Twist' last night, err yeah ok then hmmm.

I am slowly going mad. I have barely steppd out the front door all week. I still cant go and see Pete, so am relying on his croaky husky voiced updates each day. He is doing well, is seeing physio, SALT and the usual round of people most days from what I gather. He was hoping that the temp pacer would be removed today as well. So slowly wires are disappearing.

I have had a couple of visitors this week, very few actually crossed the threshold into sicky kid bug hell though. Peters mum, bless her, popped round yesterday, but I couldnt let her in. Felt awful, but I just can't risk Superman getting ill at this stage of recovery.

He says he is being told that everything is going well, he just doesnt feel like it is yet. He did, however walk down the corridor today YAY!!

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Tinypoppet said...

hi Sarah,

Everyone kept on saying to me "You are doing so well" and I got SO cross as I felt anything but well!! It's such a major operation, you feel much much worse initially than you did prior to it! But over time, the actual physical impact of the procedure will start to fade, Pete will start to heal, and he will begin to feel the benefit of having a working heart and not being attached to tons of machinery. It's very early days yet, but he will feel like a million dollars soon. Much love, hope the bugs disappear asap! xx