Monday, July 30, 2007

Peter is now on the urgent list

He was officially placed on the urgent list on friday. Apparently on Friday, a call did come in, but it wasnt suitable for use, so we werent even told. A doctor told him this morning.

So what is the situation now?

Peter is on the urgent list for a minimum of three weeks (from friday just gone). After that the situation will need to be reviewed. Initially there was talk of replacing his LVAD, this has now been changed to, if need be, they will replace the external parts of his current LVAD. Its too dangerous to leave him on his current one long term, due to the build up in the machine, adnt the problems it is causing.

Because of the amount of pain Peter is in, around the LVAD drive line site, we are hoping that a heart transplant happens and he wont be much longer on the LVAD.

We know the risks, we have been here before, i wont deny it, i am scared, peter is scared. our lives hinge on the next 3 weeks.


Sarah said...

Prayers being said for Peter to recieve his gift soon.

starlightz said...

My thoughts are with you in this difficault time, I do know some of the torment you are in but different my son was a doner when he died his organs were given for transplant and I know someone is out there and my son lives on, it keeps me going, so i hope that your husband has his chance and that he gets his special gift very soon, god bless you all.

Christa said...

Thinking of you all every day