Saturday, July 14, 2007

Peter is back in hospital, and not very well at all.

For the last few weeks he has been in huge amount of pain around the LVAD site and in his back. It has been building up for a while.

Yesterday, I was at a primary school visit with Lauren, who is starting school in September. Afterwards, i nipped to the next town to do a bit of clothes shopping for the girls, as we are meant to be on holiday next weekend, so wanted to pick up some shorts and t-shirts (can only dream of summer at the moment). I got a phone call from his mum, asking if we had a thermonitor anywhere, as she was concerned about peter and he seemed a bit warm. I could hear him insisting that we didnt have one, which is very strange seeing as he uses it daily. I get back and he is in pain, and complaiing of pins and needles in his hand and foot on his right side. His mum had already called the hospital to get him admitted, and they called back to say bed would be ready at 5pm.
Peter seemed ok, was chatty, but in pain, nothing really setting off alarm bells at that point. By the time he got to thwe hospital, he didnt know his age, or where we lived. He phoned me up several times asking if he had taken his medication. i ended up calling the nurses station aksing them to make sure his medication was locked in his room and that he couldnt get access to it.

This morning i went to see him. He is very confused, and very forgetful right now. I have had to reassure him a lot, and go over things several times. He looks bewildered and lost in himself. He is scared and tearful. He needs constant care and constant reassurence right now. He is tired.

i am worried about what all this means. Is he going to be like this forever? Or wil lit resolve? Only time will tell.


Tis me.... said...

Oh sweetie, I have no words of wisdom for you. All I can do is continue praying that a donor becomes available SOON and that this mess can be over for all of you! (((BUGFATHUGS)))

Sarah said...

Maybe an infection? Sepsis?

Prayers being said.

Tim said...

I'm really sorry to hear... I'm praying for you and Peter as well - I really, really hope this isn't anything serious, and that the doctors manage to clear it up quickly. Hang in there, k?

peterthake said...

Sarah, I was like this after my heart transplant for a few days, and it passed. It was a side effect of the meds and the heart-bypass machine. Maybe Peter is experiencing a similar temporary problem.

Stay hopeful.
Pete x

Marion said...

I've been following your posts on Mumsnet and often look in on your blog to see how things are going. I'm so sorry that you are both going through such a dreadful time.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Love Christie X X

David M said...

Thinking of you and Peter everyday Sarah - Hang on in there. Take care. David and Sue M xxx

Tinypoppet said...

Thinking of you sarah...


-Scott (Campaign Manager) said...

Hi, I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog and we hope Peter is doing better. I linked to your blog today and added you all to our blogroll (

Donate Life Illinois - Campaign Manager

Emmie said...

Sending so much love as always xxxx

lynn said...

I am so sorry to hear about Peter. Lets hope he soon gets back on the list and that he gets his new heart.

I am praying that all of this, will soon be a distance memory, and that he is soon back with his family, where he belongs

Lynn x x