Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Late night update

I should be asleep, so please ecuse typos and anything that doesnt make sense.

Peter has suffered a brain bleed. We have no idea what has caused it. The CT scan is showing up areas of damage, how bad and how he will be in future is uncertain. He is having problems remember things that happened a few minutes a go, and is very confused and scared right now.

The pain is still there, his pain meds have been increased.

It has been discussed that for now, he is OFF the transplant list, to allow him time to recover from this as much as possible. He will be off the list for a minimum of three weeks.

After that time, he will be placed as urgent case for a heart. which in theory means, things will happen very quickly. He will not be coming home till after he has a heart transplant.

So for now, I am trying to as prepared as possible.

We had a holiday booked for me and the girls at the end of this week, we are strill going ahead with that as i feel the girls needs some normality during the summer holidays, and it might be the last chance we have for qute a while.

I am mentally planning everything right now, as transplant is becoming a reality again.

Well thats is all for tonight, will upate more tomorrow.


sillymillysmummy said...

Oh Misdee, thought i would catch up on how Peter was and i cant help but send my love and best wishes to all of you, things must look up for you soon xxxxxx

Tinypoppet said...

really thinking of you all Sarah....xxxxxx

bev.pearson said...

Sending love to you all Sarah.

Bev xx

Tom said...

I just found your blog today. My wife is also on an LVAD awaiting transplant. We live in Connecticut, USA. She also suffered a brain bleed - actually four - but only one did any damage. It was very frightening at first - she had great difficulty with speech and short-term memory loss. However, three months later, almost all the negative impact is gone - except for the occasional "oh, what's her name?" she's fine. So, don't despair - Peter's brain will likely recover, I'm sure.

Em's way said...

Sending love hugs and healing vibes xxxx

Sarah said...

Prayers for Peter and you and your girls. Prayers for Peter to recover fast to get back on the transplant list. And, most imortant, for Peter to recieve his gift of life ASAP.

britmummybites said...

How's he doing now??lthough you away and may not log in will try and ask your sister on the other board.

Emmie said...

Still thinking of you all lots and lots and lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tinypoppet said...

still thinking of you Sarah, and checking regularly for updates... xxx