Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I am back, Peter is doing OK.

I got back from a short break late on monday night. I have left my older two daughters with my parents at the caravan, so they are having lots of fun and adventures without me.

I saw Peter yesterday, and there is a marked improvement in his confused state. He can now recall details from the day before, and is definatly slowly getting back to normal. He still has a long way to go, and they are unsure of long term damage, but at least its a step in the right direction. He hasnt had a shave in almost 2 weeks, as forgot to pack his razor, so today, the beard is going lol.

On another note, I have had an email from a lady called Sally. Her brother, James, had been waiting for a lung transplant for over 3 years. He has CF. On monday he had his sixth call for transplant. This time it went ahead, and is he is now in ITU recovering. This family's life will have been transformed by a generous gift from the donor family. After waiting for so so long, finally, they can start on this new road. I will be thinking of them today as I drive to harefield, and pass by ITU waiting room as I enter the double doors to the transplant unit. Each time I see a family gathered there, I remember the times we spent there after the LVAD op. Its like a seperate world to the rest of the hospital at times, especially when you see the stressed looks of relatives and friends, and you know that somewhere in ITU is their child, spouse, friend, parent and they are clinging onto a new life. It sometimes feel intrusive to stop and say hello, as its a very strange time. Soon we will be back therem waiting to go in to see Peter, and watching people walking by, knowing that maybe they want to be where we are at the point.

I know, that for Peter to live, to even have a chance, as young James now has, someone has to die and their family will agree to this wonderful gift of life being given, and it makes me ache inside. So many emotions surround transplant, its hard to put it into words.

So tonight, I will raise a glass to James and his family, and to all the donors and their families, who have transformed the lives of many of our hospital friends.


britmummybites said...

That's good. I'll toast you with some water.

Emmie said...

That blog gave me goosebumps Sarah, very powerful. Thinking of you all so much and WILLING that call to come in the next 3 weeks xxxxx

Sarah said...

Prayers for Peter to get his gift of life soon.