Monday, June 18, 2007

This may not make much sense, because I am confused a bit.

Today Peter got a call from the VAD team. There is a slight problem with some black boxes. They are meant to be set to alarm at 3000 hours for changeover for a new machine. But some have been set to 1500 hours. So to avoid early alarming as they dont know which ones are set to 3000 and which are set to 1500, they are changing Peters machine over next week. He will be issued with a new 1500 hour machine, which means that he will now have a new machine every 6 weeks-ish i guess.

And still the phone doesnt ring.


Tim said...

How did the VAD team make such a fundamental error, and why wasn't it picked up earlier? x_x I don't know much about LVADs; I really hope the process isn't too invasive. Hang in there, k Sarah? It surely can't be much longer now before the call comes.

misdee said...

it wasnt the VAD team, who made the error, it appears to have come from thoratec who make the VADs. I know he had an 1500 machine before, which started alarming one evening, but since then has had 3000hr ones.