Thursday, June 21, 2007


and for once I am talking about myself and not Peter.

I spotted a rather suspicious looking mole a couple of weeks again (non-animal type, on my skin). So I went to the GP, who looked at it and suggested it be removed for tests. So it was taken off today.

Now bear in mind, I have never ever had an minor operation, never had stitches except after childbirth, and after childbirth anything should be a doddle.

But it wasnt. The numbing injection wasnt so bad. The cutting away of the mole, again not to bad. The stitches were fine.

But now, 12 hours on, my arm is aching all the way to my finger tips, my shoulder feels heavey, and anytime i move my arm i can feel the stitches tugging.

All I can say is, I would make the worlds worst patient lol! I am dosed on painkillers, and am very grumpy as am trying not to move my arm too much, which means i cant do too much today. which is a PITA as i actually want to do stuff.

stitches out in 10 days, results in 3 weeks.

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