Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hitting a brick wall? Maybe not, things are picking up.

WEll. transplant news?




This week has been school holidays (yay from the girls, groans from me). We have been to the beach (sunny), the zoo (cold wet and short flurry of sleety snow) and the farm(today, very hot!) in the last week . The girls have scootered for miles, Lauren has had SALT daily and has been signed off till the end of september yay, so we have the full summer holidays with no appointments booked in so far Yippee!!!

And, a local hospice is going to look at helping us out. The situation that Peter is in, is a strange one. He isnt a terminally ill patient, so he doesnt automatically qualify for the 'benefits' that terminally ill patients do (the term benefits is joke, its not realy a benefit, but its what its called). our lovely district nurse has been searching for months for a way to help ease the strain. The hospice has said they will help, whether it be with childcare and taking the kids out so i can have a break, or taking care of peter (if they can be LVAD trained), and possibly freeing up a weekend so I can take the children away for a short holiday, which will please the kids no end, they just want a holiday and a bit of normality. When Peter was in hospital I did take the children on several short breaks to caravans site sin the UK, and always panicked when I couldnt get a phone signal. So a little sliver of hoe shinign through. We have a meeting with the hospice next week, so maybe more news after that.

Its back to school on monday, nicole has got a project about Life in the 1980's so I have been full of nostalgia, and need to hunt out a few photos for her from my own school days in the 1980's.


Emmie said...

Really hope the hospice can help hunni. They are amazing places - I used to go to a children's one when I was a nipper! They are not just for people who are terminally ill, but also those living with a life-limiting condition - which sadly Peter is. I think it will make a huge difference if you get this help.

Martyn rang me the other day and said he is still busy trying to place the article so fingers crossed!

Much love to you all xxxxx

Jessica said...

Oh Sara, I MISS YOUR BLOG SO MUCH. There's been a whole lot of stuff happening in my life that I don't have the time that I did before to go online. But you and Peter are always on my mind and in my heart. Gah, still no news, huh? *sigh* I'm praying that he will get a new organ soon, I truly do, Sara! If only the power of prayer really has healing powers, Peter would be healed now, but still, I'll keep on praying.

Hospice care definitely isn't just for terminally ill patients, my dear. When my brother was ill, his cardiologist spoke to us regarding paliative care, too, or at least sending over nurses to our place to lend us a hand. Whether it was giving him medication or simply taking him outside in the wheelchair, they were tremendous help. They were also great help for your emotional state of mind too. I can't imagine how caring for Peter and your girls is like for you. Surely, it's overwhelming at times. So, I'm crossing my fingers that the hospice team can give you a bit of a breather and give you some time to take your girls out for a day or two. wouldn't that be wonderful?

*hugs* and much love,
Jess ~