Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Very Late Farm Pictures

Six months ago I took the girls to a local farm, and I am just uploading them now. It is also another place where Peter has never been with us. Its far too hilly for him to cope with his machine. Its a pain with a 9yr old in a wheelchair (my nephew), so certainly wouldnt be able to get Peter up the hills. Plus Eileen the sheep may want to eat his wires hehe.


Emmie said...

That made me chuckle Sarah because I read it as your nephew being "99 yrs" LOL. Would be an interesting family background you had.....;o) xxx

Jessica said...

Such sweet pics of your little girls! ^o^ They looked they were having a fab time! I hope Peter gets his heart soon so he can have fun on the farm and meet Eileen the sheep too ^_^ I know the thing about animals eating the wires. We bought our doggy, Jack, into see Dan when he was out of ICU because he missed Jack so much. But we had to be extra careful not to let Jack out of our sight or he would chew on the LVAD wires. I guess sheeps and dogs all love the good, wholesomeness of LVAD wires! *grins*

Jessica said...

Btw, is it just me or does those bunnies look oddly like puppies? Maybe because they have floppy ears? ^_^