Thursday, May 17, 2007

Small things

First of all, that is Laurens thumb. Last thursday, about 6.30pm she delcared that her thumb hurt, and then showed me it. The joint had complately popped out. I asked her when it happened. she told me that it had happened during morning nursery! Oh yes. Welcome to a world of a child who doesnt think to tell you stuff, like when they are hurt. This is the girl who walked into the living room from the garden with every single one of her toes cut to shreds and didnt say a word. She doesnt tell us stuff like this, which can lead to infections. No idea why. She just doesnt. And never has. I seem to check each night for any unspotted cuts, bruises etc. She walks into walls, bouces off them and carries on. She can go skidding across the floor after falling off her scooter and not batt an eyelid. Other parents watch in amazment as she takes fall and after fall and doesnt cry. 'I'm ok' is a very popular phrase in this house. She has been poked and prodded by medical staff so often, due to this, speech delays and other little issues. I dont know if she does have any special needs (maybe different needs?) to NT children, but there is definatly something about Lauren that makes people think. People are very drawn to this gigantic 4 year old, and the puzzled looks of some of our elderly neighbours when they realise she isnt in school yet are just classic. I have uttered the words 'she is only 4' so many times since her birthday. At age 2, I was asked why she wasnt joing the other children in Nicoles school class (age5). Simple answer 'because she is two years old'. I sit and watch her at times, in amazment as she seems so grown up, but also so young. If i didnt know she was 4years old, it would shock me as well. Today I handed her a t-shirt for an 8year old.

I dont know why I am posting this, just feeling a bit strange, as soon another SALT week is starting (speech and language therepy, whoppeee more working on ssssssssss/shhhhhh for a whole week!). She starts school in september, and am preparing mentally for all the new professionals who havent met her yet, to start with the autism/dyspraxia/HFA/aspergers mentions, re-referrals back to clinics, more meetinsg etc etc, and doing it all over again. As we do every year. I am hoping she doesnt go completely silent for 6 weeks again. Because that was a major issue for her last pre-school. She was communicating, just wouldnt talk to them. Dont blame her at times to be honest. When people say 'oh arent you talking today' would you really want to, or just mentally think 'no, bog off'.

Second small thing. Serenas eyes. She had eye clinic yesterday. She isnt using her right eye at all. So we have to patch her left eye for two months and see if we can get her using it again. She has a very funky Elmo soft patch, which has to be worn for an hour a day. I am expecting tears and tantrums over this.

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