Friday, May 04, 2007

Critical Alarms

Have been at harefield all day. went up intially to see pain team and train 4 new carers. saw pain team andthe training session was going well, Rob, the VAD nurse was just demonstrating the beep which happens when you unplug from the mains, plugged the lead back in and al lthe major alarms went off Totally freaked me and i said 'what did you do?' to rob. he was flummoxed, then before we could check everything it stopped and went back to normal.

had to try unplugging and plugging back in again to see if it happened again and it didnt. so they called thoratec (who make the VAD) who said they can get a replacement machine on tuesday. peters back up only had 50 hours, so he has a tempory machine which they use for training sessions which has been reprogrammed to his settings, and we have to go back there next week.

so a one hour visit took 5 hours. [sighs]


Tim said...

Argh, sorry to hear things haven't been going well, Sarah. :( Hang in there! This will all seem like a bad dream when you get that call. I just really, really hope it comes soon. I'm praying for you and Peter, k?

bev.pearson said...

Sorry to read this latest blog Sarah. Still very much praying for that all important call for Peter.

Huge hugs to you all.

Bev and Lucy