Tuesday, April 24, 2007

VAD (ventricular assist device) being fitted

Enbedding has been disabled, so you will have to follow the link. It appears to be a thoratec BiVAD in the video, meaning that both sides of the heart are being supported. Its probbaly best not to let children see this.


Colette said...

How's the cambridge diet going?? Hopefully will be on it myself tomorrow. Stay strong!

misdee said...

10lb loss this week. it is hard work, so many habits to break.

Colette said...

So are you sole sourcing? That's a really good loss. Special kids are doing their own weight loss thread. How's your lo speech? If you ever want a chat over a black coffee, next time your at harefield. Just shout as i live nearby.
How do handle drinking the huge amount of water?
Haven't even told hubby how big i gotten, but you may seen pictures of me on special kids. Not nice.

misdee said...

i havent been on special kids lately, daughters speech is getting there slowly, been seeing SALT for over a year and still working Ssss. due to start school sept, am expecting to get hauled in each week, ho hum.

am sole sourcing yes, check out minimins.com for support :)

Joshua said...

You're a great source of inspiration. May your husband get that heart soon.