Sunday, April 15, 2007

They look so sweet when they are sleeping

Lauren still isnt well. her chest is awful even with the inhaler. She hasnt been given steroids yet (becotide) which I feel she may also need. I do have an inkling that anti biotics may be needed as well as her temperature is back up again. She fell asleep very early after several coughing fits this evening. She is struggling. She wants to go to nursery tomorrow, but i feel she needs to see the doctor again.

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Jessica said...

Poor little Lauren. It's just mind boggling when children have to endure these kinds of trials and tribulations that even adults will have difficult with. Your girls have been through so much with their Daddy being sick. I just wish I could do or write something to make this all go away. Life is just so damn unfair and all we can is ride it out...ride it out in hopes that in the end, it'll all be worth it *hugs*