Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Nicole and Lauren have gone on holiday

And left Mummy, Daddy and Serena home alone and with hardly any responsability. Never mind that Serena is only two years old, suddenly going from three children down to one is scarily easy to deal with. I have one pair of hands, i can now push the buggy with BOTH hands on the handle. I can talk on the phone and follow the one lone voice going 'mummy mummy bikki, want bikki and milk' and deal with that request without two others shouting their requests at me. I can put one to bed e4asily without other children escaping. oooo its strange.

Tomorrow, I am hoping to take Serena to the zoo if the weather is nice, if not she will have to cope witht he shopping centre holiday entertainment.

It is spookily silent here, and I am aiming on getting to bed before midnight tonight and maybe sleeping in till 8am [gasp!!!]


Tim said...

Hope you enjoy your break. ^^ Little kids can be sooo demanding, for all their cuteness, it's good to relax some of the pressure sometimes. If anyone's earned a rest, you have. Hope Peter's health stays good, and that you get the call you've been waiting for soon!

Jessica said...

I agree with Tim. Little kiddies can be such a bundle of joy, especially when they're as adorable as your cherubs. But they are demanding little cuties, so it must be a nice treat to have the house quiet and minus the hustle and bustle of being a Mom to three little ones. YAY! ^_^ Finally you and Peter can have some alone time (once little Serena is asleep) *nudge and wink*