Monday, April 09, 2007

My girls are home.

They arrived back in a whirlwind of exceitment. Lauren ran into the doorframe within moments, in typical Lauren style, Nicole was more elegant as she hitched up her shorts and gave me a grin. Then Lauren grinned, TOOTH MISSING!!! She lost her first baby tooth on holiday. And the tooth fairy doesnt visit my mums caravan, so she is coming tonight. Nicole has imitation Heelys eeeek! And several new freckles across her nose. Lauren has got thinner and taller in a week, her jeans are flapping round her anklesa but falling off her waist lol.

It has been a noisy mad afternoon, but i wouldnt change it for the world.


Tim said...

I still remember the excitement when I lost my first tooth. :P Great to hear your girls are back and busying up your life again!

Jessica said...

Your girls are soooo adorable! It must've been nice to have some peace and quiet around the house for a few days. But their whirlwind of excitment and joy must be equally contagious! ^__^