Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Life without a pulse

Peter has a false pulse, due to his LVAD pumping for him. But there are other LVAD's which mean blood is 'pushed' rather than pumped, which means you dot actually have a pulse at all.

life without a pulse is one story of a man over the water, with a Heartmate II LVAD.

also on the jonathon talks about his pump (a heartmateI i think). Jonathon was one of the youngest patients at harefield hospital on a pump. He seemed so young to be on the unit with loads of older people. Peter is also one of the youngest at 27years old. His log entrys on the website are back in april 2006. seems such a long time ago now.

I think its transplant week again soon, 2 months time? not sure how much we can do this year. Am hoping this year is Peters year. I want 2007 to be brilliant and full of hope


Em's way said...

We are hoping that this is Peters year here too, sending beeper vibes xxx

Tim said...

Hoping 2007 is your year as well! Hang in there - that transplant will be there soon. Every day is one day closer, right?