Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lauren has asthma now

Its not major, not in the grand scheme of things really, but it does make me feel sad. Nicole has had asthma since she was tiny, Lauren is 4. So at least Lauren has had 4 years of being able to breathe freely. Nicoles asthma has been awful over the last six months and has had several nebulisers, and one almost overnight stay at the hospital as the GP was worried the nebuliser hadnt worked and wanted her admitted. But she had a delayed response and was ok. I dont want this for any of my girls, its not fair.

Ah well, more medical forms to fill in at nursery now then.

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Tim said...

I'm sorry to hear about Lauren. :( I know this isn't much of a consolation, but at least, with everything you've experienced with Nicole, you'll know what to expect and you'll be able to care for Lauren more effectively. I'll keep her - and Peter and Nicole and you - in my prayers. Really hope the rest of the year goes well for all of you!