Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Its my birthday tomorrow

I honestly did not realise it was tomorrow. I have been thinking of other stuff so much, it has just snuck up on me. Its the school holidays as well so I have problems remember what DAY it is, let alone the date.

Not really expecting much present wise, obviously the best gift would be a transplant call that goes ahead. That would be ace.


Tim said...

Happy birthday! Hope everything goes splendidly for you, and that you get your wish!

Jessica said...

Wow, Sarah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ^_^ I've been soooo busy cramming *cough* I mean, hardcore studying, for final exams that I haven't been online quite as much. But I'm glad that I stopped by just in time to wish you a Happy Birthday! I hope that your wish comes true, too. Wouldn't that be such a miraculous present? ^o^ *hugs* HAVE A BLAST, girl!